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HENGCHUN Case Study: Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is one of the most common neurological disease causing facial disorder. The cause of Bell’s palsy still has not been revealed. It is believed to be related with virus infection or inflammation. It normally reaches the worst phase on the 3rd day after onset. The most typical symptom is facial disorder. Patients may or may not have difficulties in opening and closing their eyelids.

In Chinese Medicine theories, it is believed that patients may suffer from wind and cold pathogens which block the meridians on the face causing facial disorder. In order to reduce the sequela and complications, treatment including acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are suggested to be applied as soon as possible.

Patient, M, 51yrs

First consultation: 28th of August, 2018

Complaints: Left facial disorder onset 7 days ago, became worse and worse. Sweated at night. Dark red tongue with thin coating. Weak in left eyelid, could not blow and hold air in the mouth.

Prescription:1. Avoid cold and wind

2.Herbal medicine: BaiFuZi ** Guizhi **

Baishao Shengdi ** Danggui

*3 days

3.Acupuncture: Left: **, Taiyang , **, **, Jiache, Qianzheng, Renzhong,Right: Hegu

Second consultation: 29th of August, 2018

Complaints: Symptoms are better than yesterday. Sleep well last night without sweating. Weakness in left eyelid better than yesterday. Red tongue with thin coating.

Prescription: Same as yesterday.

Third consultation: 31st of August, 2018

Complaints: No sweating, Cold feeling at the back in the evening. Wrinkles on forehead recovered. Red tongue with thin coating.

Prescription: Acupuncture: Same as above adding Hegu (both sides)

Herbal medicine: same as above adding Fuzi * 5 days.

Fourth consultation: 1st of September, 2018

Complaints: Almost completely recovered. Can blow and hold air in mouth. Left side facial muscles obey orders.

Prescription: Same as yesterday.

(Left face movement recovered.)

This patient suffered from facial disorder without clear causes. During the treatment, we used both acupuncture and herbal medicine to unblock the meridians. After the first day herbal medicine, patient did not sweat at night any more. After 4 times treatment, the facial disorder is completely recovered. Although the facial disorder has completely recovered, he still need to look after his daily life carefully, such as avoid cold weather and wind.

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