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Today's Chinese Medicine

In the long course of evolution of the Chinese civilization for 5,000 years, Chinese medicine (TCM), as one of the most splendid gems of the civilization, has protected the multiplication and health care of the Chinese nation, and enriched the Chinese culture. Even today, the advantages of TCM, either in theory or in practice, are still playing a positive role in maintaining the wellness of the people both at home and abroad.

Along with the social progress and economic achievments made in recent years, some changes have taken place in people’s living environment, concept towards health, disease spectrum and medical mode, which have been coincidentally complied with the theory of TCM, systematic and holistic ideas taking a human body as a whole, with the individualized diagnostic and therapeutic mode, and with a rich variety of natural therapy in TCM, and that consequently brought TCM with an unprecedented rare opportunity for further development.

to create an atmosphere that needed for scientific research in TCM with reasonable structures, clear orientations, flexible mechanism, complete regulations and advanced management; to organize an efficient, capable, united and cooperative research team; to establish an innovative system in TCM on the national level, through a comprehensive reform, so as to make scientific research, medical care and education in TCM to meet the needs for further development, the needs for people’s health care, and the needs for building up an overall prosperous society and an innovative country.

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