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Hengchun Clinic interviewed by China Plus



27th of August, 2019, Dr Hu and two of his patients were interviewed by Andrew from China Plus sharing their experience with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture (CMA).

We hope that more and more people will have a better understanding on CMA through the show, more and more people will come into this field. Make public health better in South Africa.

Sincerely thanks to Ms Ashina-Roy Mooloo, Mr Kieth Morris, Andrew and Lumarno for helping public get to know more about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

More and more South Africans are turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine to complement their conventional Western medical treatments. Meet Dr. Hu Zijing, a Chinese medical practitioner based in Johannesburg, who explains the benefits of Chinese medicine and introduces it to one of his patients whose life is about to be transformed.

When Keith Morris left for a hiking trip in the Magaliesberg, he had no idea of the life-threatening situation awaiting him. What follows is a series of critical events that would change the course of his life.

Video link:

Chinese medical practitioner in Joburg

Acupuncture, a lifesaver for patient in Joburg

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